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Communicating, collaborating, leaning, integrating and automating across SDLC processes

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This book provides information on methods and tools used to help the organization better communicate and collaborate across an IT product’s life cycle, implement lean development strategies, plus integrate and automate SDLC processes. In effect, DevOps is a complete re-engineering of your organization’s systems development and support processes. As with any corporate business process reengineering effort, this is not a trivial task. However, the benefits are substantial. Collectively, these practices streamline development activities, reduce development times, enable more frequent releases, minimize bugs and defects, and ensure development activities stay in alignment with customer and end-user needs. Specifically, the SDLC Modern Practices book includes discussions on lean development, continuous integration (CI), continuous testing (CT), and continuous delivery and deployment (CD/D) concepts and strategies. Beyond simple conceptual introductions, this book includes practical implementation strategies with the tools and technologies available today.


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