SDLC Foundations

SDLC Foundations

An introductory and historical guide to software and systems development

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From Waterfall to Agile, to DevOps, this introductory yet comprehensive guide delves into the evolution of software and systems life cycle development (SDLC) concepts, both past and present. Whether you are new to IT, or a specialist who wants to keep up with the latest trends, this book provides something for anyone who wants to know more about how organizations build software-based products. Also, for the busy executive, the author covers the importance of aligning IT-based programs and portfolio initiatives with corporate strategy and explains the rationale for implementing IT standards, governance, and process maturity programs.  Finally, this book helps IT programs build the foundational knowledge necessary for effective team communications and participation. With 30 years in the software industry, the Author provides his experience and insights to guide his readers and their organizations on their journeys to professional excellence.


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