Tools and Templates

Tools and Templates

Facilitating SDLC process maturity to achieve quality and consistency

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The information technology (IT) industry undergoes constant evolution, driving organizations to support a mix of both legacy and modern technologies, methods and tools. This book describes more than 100 tools and templates spanning both traditional software engineering and Agile-based SDLC practices, plus common IT project management practices.

Achieving consistency and quality in the execution of systems and software development related work are critical elements to delivering IT-based solutions that are relevant, timely, and cost-effective. Reusable tools and templates help establish consistent, high-quality practices. The template descriptions provided within this Building our Digital World series book include usage, relevant data inputs, and format information making it possible to create and modify templates in support of your organizations preferred practices.

The tools and templates described within this book came from a collaboration with SDLCforms (, where the templates are also available for purchase. Whether you choose to build or buy your templates, this book helps explain the format and purpose of commonly used software engineering, Agile, and project management related templates.


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