DevOps with Lean-Agile Facilitates Business Agility

Take the DevOps and Lean-Agile Survey to express your views on integrating Lean-Agile practices with DevOps to support business agility on an enterprise scale.

Increasingly, DevOps is the cost of entry to compete effectively in our current digital era, often included as part of a Lean-Agile initiative to improve business agility. DevOps evolved to break down the barriers between IT development and operations groups. In a modern context, DevOps supports organizational goals in software development and delivery to become more agile, integrated, and automated. DevOps helps organizations compete in this digital era by enabling rapid and frequent deliveries of customer-centric value at the lowest possible cost.

On the other hand, implementing DevOps capabilities, especially on an enterprise-scale, is not easy, quick, or cheap. Achieving business agility is, likewise, not a simple task. Both initiatives require executive-level commitments, sustained leadership, strategy, organizational changes, and a lot of trial and error. Additionally, with DevOps, there are investments required to support infrastructure and toolchain strategies.

Take the Devops & Lean-Agile Survey

I am an author who is writing a new book on what executives need to know when contemplating corporate investments in setting up DevOps and Lean-Agile capabilities. As part of my research, I would like to hear from others who have embarked on a DevOps implementation journey. I’m primarily interested in applying Lean-Agile practices with DevOps on an enterprise-scale or as part of a business agility endeavor.

This survey is your chance to tell your managers and executives what they need to know to succeed in their efforts. All responses, names, and organizations are confidential. My goal is not to out anyone. Instead, the objective is to aggregate and share experiences.

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