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Cecil Gary Rupp has directly managed a wide portfolio of programs and projects.

Building Information Model (BIM) Project (Large Defense Agency)2019-09-29T16:27:45+00:00

Prime contractor’s project manager overseeing the Building Information Model (BIM), supporting the Business Process Analysis, Systems Integration, and Development Support Services Contract at the Pentagon.  This project included business process and requirements analysis, workflow development, an SOA-based systems integration design, and development of two prototype BIM models.  The business drivers were the client’s need to digitize, store, manage and provide online access to tens of thousands of electronic and paper drawings and documents produced during facility upgrades and modifications during the building’s continuing renovations.

Moreover, the BIM system implemented the Client’s facility management process, making it easier to track work orders, locate the rooms with identified facilities maintenance problems, and to provide online access to both digitized drawings and documentation for maintaining, replacing and repairing the room and its electricity, plumbing, and furniture components.

Configuration Management Program Support (Large Federal Agency)2020-01-10T21:53:11+00:00

As the prime contractor’s Program Manager, built and supported a consulting team of configuration management experts to oversee the client’s nationwide program to provide guidance, audit services and training on organizational policies, standards, and tools related to configuration and change management practices. The CM consulting team supports more than 200 product development and infrastructure projects.

Consulting Services Development & Portal Implementation Program (Large Telecom Company)2019-10-01T01:25:45+00:00

Worldwide Professional Services Division HQ Program Manager and Director, leading a team of 22 IT and content development staff within the Business Consulting Services Development (BCSD) branch. Under Mr. Rupp’s leadership, the team developed and deployed professional services delivery content and a portal containing the organization’s professional service offerings, methods, and tools.  In effect, the BCSD portal was the deployment mechanism for the company’s professional service products, delivered by 4000 business consultants, then operating in more than 90 countries. The services development program included the development and integration of tools for defining professional service taxonomies, project planning, budgeting, and scheduling tools, as well as inclusion of professional services “Best Practices” content in video, audio and document formats.

CONOPS Program/ Consulting Team Leader (Large Federal Agency)2019-09-29T16:13:51+00:00

Prime Contractor’s management consultant and team leader on three Concept of Operations (CONOPS) Projects, plus supported two other CONOPS investigations.  The objective of each CONOPS investigation was to define the mission-oriented requirements for the client’s evolving applications in support of Congressional mandates. Investigations supported the Caregivers and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act of 2010; Clinical Information Systems/ Anesthesia Record-Keeping (CIS ARK); Laboratory System Reengineering Project (LSRP); Patient Handoff, and WebHR.

Custom Budgeting Software Development Project (Large Federal Agency)2019-09-29T16:14:30+00:00

Prime contractor’s project manager overseeing the development of the Construction Allocation Budget Execution System (CAS) application.  The CAS project was failing, and Mr. Rupp was called in to help get the project back on budget, schedule, and scope.  Mr. Rupp hired a new development team, successfully resolved more than 100 documented software bugs, and obtained client approval on the final scope of the project.  The CAS application provides online tools to document and manage line-item construction requirements across the federal agency, and to facilitate budgeting, prioritization, approvals, allocations, and adjustments of Construction Budgets, both by projects and accounts, across each fiscal year.

Custom Benefits Call Center Application Development Project (Large Federal Agency)2019-09-29T16:16:35+00:00

Prime contractor’s project manager overseeing the Benefits Reference System Application Development Project.  This web-based portal was custom built with BEA’s WebLogic Application Server and various Open Source components to deploy up-to-date benefits information to more than 1000 virtual call center operators working out of 80 regional site locations.  The Benefits Reference Portal included a Benefits taxonomy, an integrated search engine, and a content authoring and publishing tool.  Mr. Rupp helped define the Benefits taxonomy and oversaw the development of two releases of the web-based application.

Custom Project Management Software Implementation Project (Large Federal Agency)2019-10-01T01:27:05+00:00

Prime contractor’s assigned project manager supporting the client’s Planview® based COTS Project Planning Tool Customization and Implementation Project.  Similar to the CAS application in purpose, and suffering from some of the same problems, Mr. Rupp worked with the client to successfully get the project back on track.  When deployed, this COTS-based tool helped this federal agency submit their budget plans to Congress – including line-item projects and funding requirements, obtain approval, and then track expenditures and activities per the agency’s original budget plans.

Enterprise-wide IT Architecture and SOA Framework Implementation Project (Large Federal Agency)2019-09-29T16:17:57+00:00

Prime contractor’s assigned project manager overseeing the client’s Standard J2EE/ JAVA/ SOA Architecture and System-Server Support Contract.  This project successfully developed and deployed a common J2EE and SOA-based framework, and related reusable service components, to simplify applications development while also reducing IT development and sustainment costs, skills and resources. This framework enabled standardization of all software development projects across the client’s IT product development organizations.

HR Management Portal Implementation Project (Large Federal Agency)2020-01-10T22:00:03+00:00

Prime contractor’s project manager overseeing the development of the client’s enterprise portal/ stewardship collaboration portal.  Led team that successfully developed an enterprise portal for the distribution of employee information and related HR tools and content. When completed, agency employees had a single electronic resource to find HR, payroll, and benefits-related information.

HR Management Portal Implementation Project (Large Medical University)2020-01-10T22:01:31+00:00

Contractor’s assigned project manager overseeing the gathering of requirements and development of a web-based HR hiring application for doctors, nurses, and other university staff. At the time, more than 1,500 faculty members, residents, fellows, students, administrators, and staff worked across three independent colleges — Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy. The challenges including building one of the first online commercial Portal applications as an internet-based application; implementing persistence of data capabilities across multiple workflows and 69 HR forms; and providing secure access to the site – including to professors who wanted access to the HR hiring system from their offsite medical practices.

ICD-10 Software Remediation Program (Large Federal Agency)2019-10-01T01:28:17+00:00

Prime contractor’s senior project manager assigned to the client’s International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision (ICD-10) Program Management Office (PMO) Support Contract.  Mr. Rupp served as part of a team of three Senior PMs assigned to support ~115 client staff and private contractors, and he directly supported the client’s remediation efforts across twenty (20) Enterprise-class Clinical Software systems. The ICD-10 Program encompassed the development, testing, and deployment of both diagnosis and inpatient procedure coding, and required deep knowledge of the client’s integrated Project Management and System’s Development Methodology.

ICD-10 Software Remediation Program (Large Commercial Healthcare Provider)2019-09-29T16:22:41+00:00

Client’s project manager assigned to work with external Consultants from a top-tier IT consulting firm to assess and direct ICD-10 remediation requirements across this $1 billion healthcare pharmaceutical provider. The challenge with this project was evaluating system remediation requirements in conjunction with the simultaneous purchase of the company by an even larger health care services provider.

Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Act (IPERA) Project (Large Federal Agency)2019-10-01T01:28:57+00:00

Prime contractor’s assigned project manager to oversee the client’s Preliminary Analysis – Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Act (IPERA) contract.  IPERA requires executive-branch agencies to identify programs and activities susceptible to significant improper payments, estimate annual amounts improperly paid, and report these estimates and the actions taken to reduce future improper payments. Our team provided analysis of the client’s improper compensation and pension benefit payments data to determine the level of preventable improper payments under current laws, regulations, and policies, and the feasibility of pursuing payment recapture audits of improper payments under IPERA.

ITIL-based Asset Management Software Implementation Project (Large Federal Agency)2019-10-01T01:29:51+00:00

As the prime contractor’s assigned project manager, Mr. Rupp supported the client’s BMC Software-based ITIL Software Implementation and Support Services Contract.  The authorized scope of work involved implementation, customization, integration, testing, and initial deployment of this enterprise-class asset management system.  When deployed, the system fully automated the IT Asset discovery process across the agency, plus automated loading and updating of discovered configuration item (CI) information into the configuration management database (CMDB).

Large Enterprise IT Security Systems Implementation Project (Large Federal Agency)2019-09-29T16:24:29+00:00

Prime contractor’s assigned program manager overseeing their client’s Guardian Edge and Trust Digital Implementation Support Services Contract. The award of the contract came after employees of the client had lost several computers with sensitive personal information stored on the disk drives. The client initiated the projects in response to the resulting negative publicity and congressional oversight reviews.  Within three months, our team deployed the Guardian Edge data security encryption program on ~300,000 desktop computers and Trust Digital software across ~100,000 cell phones; plus we trained 12,000 of the client’s IT administrators on how to maintain the software, set policies, and to support users.

Large Enterprise, Healthcare IT Services Multi-Award Contract (Large Federal Agency)2019-10-01T01:30:18+00:00

As the prime contractor’s IT Professional Services Practice Manager and the Director over federal-civilian business agencies, built this team as a start-up, maintained profitability over a three year period, and successfully led the business capture effort to win one of the small business contracts awarded under one of our client’s $5 billion multiple-award IT services contract.  The Capture effort involved coordination with 12 external partners, and Mr. Rupp wrote the technical proposal with assistance and content from those partners.  After the win, Mr. Rupp oversaw the development of task-oriented proposal efforts to bid and win new business under the multi-award contract.  Those efforts led to the placement of ~100 IT consultants into various engagements with the client over the first six months of the contract’s award

Large Enterprise Healthcare Systems Project Manager (Large Commercial Healthcare Provider)2019-10-01T01:30:52+00:00

Served as the client’s senior project manager, responsible for planning, scheduling, and directing the scope of work spanning 16 sub-projects and involving nearly 100 project team members.  The work included integration of the client’s enterprise applications with monitoring and discovery tools; developing service models and high-value use cases; automating the systems and processes to identify and monitor more than 65,000 configuration items (CIs); and, association of configuration items (CI) within the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to software affected by any future CI failures. The goal of the project was to reduce mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) by reducing the time and effort it took to analyze and determine what had caused an enterprise application or one of its components to fail, and to determine the physical location of the failed components.

Manufacturing Plant & Systems Reconstruction Project (Large High Technology Firm)2019-10-01T01:32:21+00:00
  • Over three years, Mr. Rupp managed numerous projects worth ~$52M in capital equipment and IT systems investments during the renovation of two printed circuit board fabrication sites, a high-volume facility, and an advanced technologies facility. Mr. Rupp was initially hired as the project manager to support the government-funded construction and future production within the advanced manufacturing facility. In that role, Mr. Rupp analyzed the facility layout designs, equipment capacities, manufacturing processes, and workflow to determine the plant’s ability to meet the contract’s production requirements.
  • As a result of his preliminary analysis, Mr. Rupp predicted and communicated potential production performance issues before the facility went online. The issues were related to an engineering focus on the development of individual manufacturing processes and equipment without taking a systemic view to analyze the performance of the plant as a whole. In other words, the engineers had planned performance capacities around the manufacturing equipment and processes, and not analyzed the interrelationships and impacts as parts of a larger and integrated manufacturing system.
  • Mr. Rupp used queuing theory, just in time (JIT), and theory of constraints concepts and simulation modeling tools to come up with a strategy to address the production problems. To fix the problems, the company had to move some of its manufacturing capacity to the high-volume facility to make additional room to expand and better align the equipment within the advanced manufacturing plant. Mr. Rupp helped plan and supported the transfer of local manufacturing capacity to the high-volume plant. He also helped plan the new layouts and directed reconstruction within the advanced manufacturing facility to optimize the flow of work. Mr. Rupp’s activities enabled the advanced manufacturing facility to get back on schedule and deliver the highly advanced printed circuit boards significantly below budgeted costs. Additionally, he sought and obtained funding for technology developments to enhance the printed circuit boards’ substrates so that they could match the clock speeds of the then emergent very-high-speed integrated circuits (VHSIC) technology.
Retail/ Hospital Canteen Financial Systems Requirements Project (LARGE FEDERAL AGENCY)2019-09-29T16:27:16+00:00

As the prime contractor’s assigned project manager, Mr. Rupp led their client’s Financial Management Information System (FMIS) – COTS Evaluation Project.  The federal health client’s Canteen department was responsible for vendor management plus purchasing and accounting for all canteen stores located within the client’s 168 Hospitals and other medical facilities.  Their legacy financial management system was no longer sustainable and lacked compliance with new government regulations.  Mr. Rupp oversaw the team that captured and documented business and technical requirements, used decision analysis and resolution (DAR)‎ techniques to evaluate compliant commercial FMIS applications, and made final vendor/ product recommendations.

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